Mohawk Island

Mohawk Island is a small island in Lake Erie in the province of Ontario Canada. It was formerly known as Gull Island. The island contains the ruins of the Gull Island Lighthouse, built in 1848 and decommissioned in 1969. It is located close to the shore of Rock Point Provincial Park.

Currently, no humans live on the island, and it is mostly inhabited by birds. It is an important nesting and loafing area for gulls, terns and cormorants. The Canadian government does not encourage people to visit Mohawk Island, as it has been set aside to protect nesting birds. No visits are permitted during nesting season, which is defined as from April 1 to July 31.  Info from Wiki

The first lighthouse keeper was Capt. John Burgess. He came from Orkney, Scotland in 1835. The picture was contributed by a descendant of Capt. Burgess, and has never been published before.  The lighthouse showing a map from around 1850 with the lighthouse on it.


Info from Middle Bass island

Mohawk Island lighthouse 1848
The Mohawk Island lighthouse, 3 miles east of Port Maitland, was completed in 1848.

Mohawk Island Lighthouse History

Picture and History from Grand Heritage, Pages 289, 290,292. ISBN 1-55056-084-0 Available at the Dunnville Library

MohawkIsleLight..gull ise lighthouse


Coordinates: 42°50′2″N 79°31′21″W

Mohawk Island National Wildlife Area