3 Things to Do In or Near Dunnville

muddyAlthough Dunnville in Ontario is perhaps most famous for its 50-foot long mudcat statue – affectionately known as Muddy – the community has a lot more to offer anyone who happens to be in the area. Located in Haldimand County on the shores of the Grand River, it offers the opportunity to check out some great locations both in the immediate area and within a short drive too.

The Grand River runs right through the town and there are several lakes nearby offering lake cruises as well. Not surprisingly the nearby border between the US and Canada also offers the chance for tourists to see more than one country when they arrive via plane, car or even cruise ships (which are popular arrivals in New York). However, here are some nearby sights you might like to start with.

Visit Byng Island Conservation Area
bing3The population of Dunnville is fairly small, making it a quiet and relaxing place to be for the most part. Byng Island Conservation Area is a classic example of how you can get away from it all without being too far from Dunnville itself. It takes less than ten minutes to drive to the island from Main Street in Dunnville via Rainham Road. You can walk it in less than an hour if you prefer.Once you’re on the island, on the opposite side of the river to Dunnville, you can wander along the shore of the Grand River or try your hand at boating or fishing. There are plenty of trails to walk or hike along and there is even an impressively sized swimming pool to enjoy. Whatever you have in mind, it is well worth allocating an entire day to explore the island in full.

James N Allan Park via a Kayak

Don’t let the fact there are no facilities here put you off paying a visit. You can easily drive to James N Allan park as it is just seven kilometers outside of Dunnville. There is a nice beach here and the park is perfect for those wanting to walk the trails and indulge in a spot of bird watching.

If you have some experience with kayaking you also have the opportunity to see the shoreline from the perspective of the water. You can take a tour that goes from here all the way to Port Maitland, providing a wonderful way to spend a few hours on the water.kayaks

Niagara Falls

Canadian_Horseshoe_FallsSome find it hard to believe Dunnville is just a fifty minute drive from the famous falls, but as the community is close to the Canadian-USA border this shouldn’t really be a surprise. Of course people from all over the world visit Niagara Falls, often opting for a cruise vacation that takes in locations such as Toronto, New York and of course the Atlantic Ocean. The falls make a natural addition to many Canadian and US focused cruises, but some also opt for a whirlpool-toursshort two or three day tour to see the falls. Of course if you are staying in Dunnville or somewhere close by, you have the chance to make a relatively short trip to see them. There are three falls to see – The Horseshoe Falls are almost entirely located in Canada, and just over the border you will see the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls. The falls were created thanks to the Ice Age, and now they draw in millions of people every single year. While some take cruises from other countries that include the falls in some way, you cannot get up close unless you travel overland. You can however then book onto a boat cruise that travels right up to the roaring and rushing water. It’s certainly quite an experience.

Dunnville ONTARIO

From water sports to famous sights and calming walks by the Grand River, there is more to Dunnville and the surrounding area than might first meet the eye. For a small community it certainly knows how to pack in a good number of experiences, opportunities and sights for the average visitor to look forward to. So if you are coming to Dunnville in the near future and you’re wondering what to do with your time here, you now have some destinations to look forward to adding to your itinerary.


By guest writer Susie Caruthers